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Getting Out from Under Debt: Understanding Bankruptcy

by Judith Croteau

Facing the prospect of student loans and an unsure economic future, many students are unaware of procedures that can help them ease the burden of debt. This article explores some options for declaring bankruptcy.

In this economy, it is very easy to fall behind on a few payments, particularly if you are a returning student with life experience and the bills to go with it. Many are just a paycheck away from economic failure. The physical and emotional suffering from the stress of trying, and bill collectors bugging can be the last push over the edge. Something like an unexpected car expense or an astronomical medical bill can be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back.” For all these problems, bankruptcy can be a viable answer.

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Board Game Bonanza: Chess – The Game Plan

Finally diving into strategies, this third and final article will demonstrate how to interpret the Chess board, begin a game, and win.

In summer, many players young and old gather in parks to play chess. The game’s cold strategizing is perfectly suited for those oppressively hot days. Besides, a long seat in the shade often beats that sweaty game of skins and shirts.

But if you want to stretch your time at the table, you’ll need to master some basic techniques and strategies This final article offers some basic tips on how to win at chess and become top-dog at the park.

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Locking Down Your PC

by Brett Schultz

Students should care about protecting their school work as much as getting it done.

Many people surf the web, check email, shop online, and even manage their finances from their computers.

However, spending so much time on computers comes with a cost: hackers can exploit our sensitive data with Trojans and malware designed with many different purposes. As the most recent transformation of NSA tools into a global ransomware attack shows, online life can be a dangerous one.