Academic Excellence

by Dr. Donna Singleton

The Honors Program and Honor Society offer different values to students who wants to maximize their education.

Students are sometimes puzzled when they hear about RACC’s Honors Program and RACC’s Honor Society. Because both entities offer “competitive edge” opportunities for RACC students, they need to differentiate between the two—and take advantage of both. Although many students are involved in both the Honors Program and Phi Theta Kappa, these are two completely separate items.

Yogic Way – An Ode to the Trees

By David Meyer

Yoga offers ways to establish a life of balance and transformation.

Yoga David Tree Pose
Finding strength in vulnerability

Yogic Way would like to take a moment to honor the trees during this time of year when perhaps they need it the most. These majestic life forms serve as the extension of our lungs, supplying our atmosphere with life force. As the leaves continue to fall, the trees begin to become more vulnerable to the elements of nature as their structures are exposed to the world. From their exposure, the trees derive strength: when the leaves fall to the ground, energy is sent back into the roots. The decomposition of the leaves provides stored energy from the sun, feeding the soil with nutrients necessary for the trees so that in spring, they are able to grow grander than the year before. Each cycle of the tree is invaluable. Each natural cycle is transformative.