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Locking Down Your PC

by Brett Schultz

Students should care about protecting their school work as much as getting it done.

Many people surf the web, check email, shop online, and even manage their finances from their computers.

However, spending so much time on computers comes with a cost: hackers can exploit our sensitive data with Trojans and malware designed with many different purposes. As the most recent transformation of NSA tools into a global ransomware attack shows, online life can be a dangerous one.

Replacing your Windows

Those looking through old Windows on their computers might consider replacement.

Besides a sigh of relief, the end of spring semester brings an opportunity to do some needed computer maintenance. Since school projects are submitted and students have some time to breathe, students can turn to cleaning their computer drives and reorganizing files that that have been randomly squirrelled away in folders and strewn across the desktop.

Taking Charge of Your Electronic College Resources

by Brett Schultz

How to customize Canvas and receive notifications, sign up for E2Campus, and add your Ravens Email to your phone’s e-mail app.

With mid-terms just passed, students may have come to realize that their success in school likely requires them to interact efficiently online with their classes. Computer technology makes interacting convenient, but often the customization options that expedite work are hidden or difficult to understand.

This handy guide will help you get the most out of your electronic resources for college, whether you’re a new student or if Orientation seems like so many credits ago.

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Plugging in for School: Laptop Buying Guide

by Brett Schultz

Trouble picking a laptop for school? This guide will help you pick the right computer for your needs.

College brings a lot of demands such as reading, writing, and research. And that work requires an efficient and reliable computer, especially at RACC, where most courses make heavy use of the Canvas Learning Management System. College classes generally make the same core demands on a computer, but certain classes and majors will find users with varying ideas of a perfect computer.