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Optimizing Your Computer: Software Picks to get Your Windows PC Running Like New Again

by Brett Schultz

FSJ’s student tech expert explores software choices to optimize your PC. These tips will increase your computer’s efficiency for those midterms and the rest of the semester.

If you have not read my article on removing viruses and malware with free software, head on over to that article here because this article is not going to cover antivirus and antimalware software. For those of you who now have virus and malware-free computers and would like to get even more performance out of your PC, then this article is for you.

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Credit Card Dangers & the Equifax Hack

Credit card companies issuing new cards as a precaution. While your data was not stolen from your credit card company, your credit card company relies on Equifax to store and process your information.

By Brett Schultz

Discover, Chase, Citi, Barclaycard, Starwood, Ink Bold, and possibly a few others – all use Equifax to store and process your financial information.  As you may know, Equifax was hacked. If you are a customer to any of the mentioned organizations, you need to read this article and take action.  If you are not a member, you should still read this article and take action because your financial information may have been processed by Equifax.  Retailers use Equifax, and many others.

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Locking Down Your PC

by Brett Schultz

Students should care about protecting their school work as much as getting it done.

Many people surf the web, check email, shop online, and even manage their finances from their computers.

However, spending so much time on computers comes with a cost: hackers can exploit our sensitive data with Trojans and malware designed with many different purposes. As the most recent transformation of NSA tools into a global ransomware attack shows, online life can be a dangerous one.

Replacing your Windows

Those looking through old Windows on their computers might consider replacement.

Besides a sigh of relief, the end of spring semester brings an opportunity to do some needed computer maintenance. Since school projects are submitted and students have some time to breathe, students can turn to cleaning their computer drives and reorganizing files that that have been randomly squirrelled away in folders and strewn across the desktop.