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A True Record

by Amanda O’Donahue

Manipulating our photos can create a false impression of who we are.

Photography, although a wonderful medium for art and an excellent form of documentation, has been pushed to new extremes. Instead of photographers using the camera to capture glimpses of real life, they are staging and manipulating the photos to the point of actually altering the appearance of life itself. This intentional act of posing photos can distort our view on life and our memory.

The Places We Go: Fall Break

By Judith Croteau

Revitalization over Fall Break doesn’t mean you have to go far or spend a lot of money.

Right about midterm, most college students need to get away for a bit so that they can hold on until the break between semesters. With the arrival of the Columbus Day weekend–which is RACC’s two-day fall break–students have a chance for that relief.

If you’ve caught up enough on your schoolwork and you need to give the brain a break, you might use the extended weekend to take advantage of the following outings.