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From Hard Coding to Soft Skills

by Amie Croteau

A career in information technology requires interpersonal skills as well as technical skills.

At first glance, a job in the field of information technology may see like an easy way to avoid human interaction. When working on a computer, the interaction appears to be clearly between user and machine. For introverts, a relationship with computers seems like an enticing future.  

Dress to Impress

by Jasmine Lattimer

RACC’s Professional Clothing Sale provides the look to go with the resume.

Even with the random dumping of snow, and one last minute blast of frigid weather, spring is right around the corner. With spring comes sunshine, warm days, long walks, and more job openings. Many RACC students want to find the right job, but there’s a problem: employers look for sharply dressed applicants, but professional clothing is expensive. So RACC is offering a solution for students seeking sartorial assistance without breaking the bank.

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Irish Heritage Month with Barleyjuice

by Edward Boice / Photo taken from Barleyjuice’s website.

For the month of March, RACC is featuring some traditional Irish folk music.

Let’s face it. For many, anything with an Irish theme is often just an excuse to drink. But there’s more to Irish heritage and culture than Jameson’s and Guinness. Instead of spending your time drinking, avoid the hangover and come attend the musical performance of Barleyjuice in the Ravens Lounge. You might learn a thing or two about authentic Irish culture.