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Getting Out from Under Debt: Understanding Bankruptcy

by Judith Croteau

Facing the prospect of student loans and an unsure economic future, many students are unaware of procedures that can help them ease the burden of debt. This article explores some options for declaring bankruptcy.

In this economy, it is very easy to fall behind on a few payments, particularly if you are a returning student with life experience and the bills to go with it. Many are just a paycheck away from economic failure. The physical and emotional suffering from the stress of trying, and bill collectors bugging can be the last push over the edge. Something like an unexpected car expense or an astronomical medical bill can be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back.” For all these problems, bankruptcy can be a viable answer.

Taking Charge of Your Electronic College Resources

by Brett Schultz

How to customize Canvas and receive notifications, sign up for E2Campus, and add your Ravens Email to your phone’s e-mail app.

With mid-terms just passed, students may have come to realize that their success in school likely requires them to interact efficiently online with their classes. Computer technology makes interacting convenient, but often the customization options that expedite work are hidden or difficult to understand.

This handy guide will help you get the most out of your electronic resources for college, whether you’re a new student or if Orientation seems like so many credits ago.

Dress to Impress

by Jasmine Lattimer

RACC’s Professional Clothing Sale provides the look to go with the resume.

Even with the random dumping of snow, and one last minute blast of frigid weather, spring is right around the corner. With spring comes sunshine, warm days, long walks, and more job openings. Many RACC students want to find the right job, but there’s a problem: employers look for sharply dressed applicants, but professional clothing is expensive. So RACC is offering a solution for students seeking sartorial assistance without breaking the bank.

A Golden Opportunity

by Zac Godwin

The HECBC Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference gives students the chance to get outside the classroom and enter the professional world.

Think about something you created for a school assignment, something you slaved over for weeks, something you were really proud of. After the grade was given and the semester ended, where did your handiwork end up?

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Finding a Voice

by Zac Godwin

Jose Manuel Galarza finds a place in college through the spoken word.

Starting college can be a daunting experience. Meeting new people and balancing one’s workload with other obligations are difficult for any student. For students fresh out of high school especially, the challenges of college can seem insurmountable. But students can face these new challenges and succeed in this intimidating environment.

Our Common Table

by Joshua Sparks

We must zealously protect our First Amendment rights in the wake of President Trump’s Muslim travel ban.


The suspension of travel to the United States imposed by President Trump’s recent executive order has sparked controversy, and the recent court decision scotching implementation likely has not diminished frustration with what amounts to a ban of Muslim immigrants. Trump’s order blocked travel from several predominantly Muslim countries, (with the notable exception of Christian refugees), stranding many at international airports, turning away others, separating families, slowing travel times, and affecting students and even people who assisted the U.S. military. Talk of priority for Christian refugees has led to the assumption that there will be an enforced religious test for prospective travelers, which is forbidden by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The initial confusion and distress caused by the order may have passed, but the Trump administration’s vow to continue to fight for this ban provides an opportunity to candidly discuss the First Amendment and its protections.