Author: Edward Boice

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Board Game Bonanza: Chess – The Pieces

The second of three articles on chess deals with the six pieces and how to maneuver them on the playing board.

The antique game of Chess is based on ancient warfare where swords, axes, and lances were the primary ways of dealing damage to an opponent. Each weapon has its own tactical advantages and disadvantages. As these weapons were used primarily for close combat, battles consisted of two large forces converging together in the middle of a battlefield. Chess incorporates these varied tactics and circumstances of medieval warfare and incorporates them into its game pieces.

A Tangled and Melodious Web

by Edward Boice

Since the turn of the century, the Internet has threatened to destabilize the music industry and take away artists’ revenues.

For once, Taylor Swift actually has something legitimate to complain about. And no, it is not about one of her boyfriends.

Music streaming services have been a controversial topic since their inception, launching a battle between artists, record labels, and the services themselves. Swift and other music creators believe that because these services offer their music for free with few restrictions, they are losing money. Now, Swift might not be the best person to push this issue; she’s rolling in dough. However, her point is valid for smaller name bands and those beginning to emerge into the industry. If people can listen to music for free, even if royalties are being paid out, they will not be buying albums or downloads and ultimately artists lose money.

Beyond the Classroom: Beacon Conference 2016

by Edward Boice

The regional Beacon Conference offers two-year college students a chance to share their scholarship.

Remember all those essays you wrote during the fall semester? Sometimes you work tirelessly on a fantastic essay, but you wish you could share it with more than just your professor and classmates, or get a little more validation than an A in a gradebook. Fortunately, several local two-year colleges feel it would be a waste not to give those essays some extra recognition. The Beacon Conference provides RACC and other two-year college students the opportunity to receive recognition and reward for their outstanding papers.