Author: amiecroteau

From Hard Coding to Soft Skills

by Amie Croteau

A career in information technology requires interpersonal skills as well as technical skills.

At first glance, a job in the field of information technology may see like an easy way to avoid human interaction. When working on a computer, the interaction appears to be clearly between user and machine. For introverts, a relationship with computers seems like an enticing future.  

World Smile Day @ RACC

By Amie Croteau

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.
~William Arthur Ward

The easiest gift to share is a smile, and lots of people were giving their best smiles last Friday. On October 7, RACC students and faculty joined together to celebrate World Smile Day.

In fantastic Ravens’ fashion, the day was packed with activities including a flash mob set to Pharell William’s “Happy.” Students replaced the usual routine of lectures and labs, tests and papers with laughter and smiles. The extra cheer made for a great day at RACC.