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Bag of Tricks: Dr. Costello’s Writing Hacks

by Edward Boice

Come learn some tips and tricks for your writing projects as part of Dr. C.L. Costello’s Writing Hacks series.

Ever sit in front of a computer screen with a big paper, wondering where to start? Have words escaped the grasp of your fingertips as they hover over your keyboard? Students who come to Dr. C.L. Costello’s Writing Hacks presentation will learn new tricks to get those ideas flowing.

On October 25 and November 1 at 10:30 – 11:00 a.m., Costello, a communications professor, will be giving students valuable tips in the Writing Studio (located in Berks 209). This interactive session will give students a chance to ask Costello questions they have about perfecting their writing assignments. The October 25 event will focus on how to brainstorm ideas. The guidelines of APA citation style will be covered on November 1. Costello will be presenting at both events, with possible help from the tutors in the Writing Lab.

Most students think, when starting a paper, that what they put on paper must be new and brilliant. But expecting perfection from the start makes it more difficult to write. Writing is often more about plugging away than waiting for a muse.

“Writing is tricks: every stage of the writing process is a rhetorical pattern,” Costello explained. By following the pattern and filling in the blanks along the way, students can begin piecing their assignments together.

Properly citing sources is another sore point for many students. Most communications students don’t like doing APA citation, as they are used to MLA formatting. Trying to cram twice the information into their brains by learning a new style might give students headaches. Costello acknowledges students’ agonies over this laboriously detailed process, but he notes that citation in different formats is a necessary evil. He noted that his workshop should give students some much needed aspirin.

Any student looking to jump-start a new paper, understand APA citation formatting, or just learn a few tips about the writing process, should consider attending one of Costello’s Writing Hacks workshops.


Campus Life

See You at the Pole

by Mimi Ross

Joining physical and spiritual hands, RACC students turn their faith to national needs.


Students gather around the flagpole in prayer. Photo by Mimi Ross.

Prayer is a deeply personal activity, a way for one person to ask for divine intercession. Yet, in the United States, each person is part a very large community. That connection between personal identity and the national community is what has inspired the See You at the Pole Day, a day meant to turn prayer into a national service–and the Christian Club at RACC celebrated the day by spiritually and civically bringing together RACC members of faith with others all over the country. Continue reading

Campus Life

RACCtoberfest: German Heritage Event

by Joshua Templin

Stretching all the way back to 1810, Oktoberfest has become a widely recognized German tradition. Even though many Americans don’t know anything about Prince Ludwig of Bavaria (for whom the first Oktoberfest was celebrated), we recognize the beer, brats, lederhosen and suspenders. But the original Oktoberfest isn’t the only volksfest (meaning “people’s festival”) celebrated in the fall; all over the world, people gather together to celebrate German history and culture. Continue reading

Campus Life

Spooky or Silly: Dress Up For Halloween at RACC

acosta-costumeby Gabby Sabo

Grab your halos, devil horns, cowboy hats, and vampire teeth because Halloween is just about here! And RACC’s student government association (SGA) is giving students an opportunity to haunt the campus.

On Monday, Oct. 31, SGA is having a Halloween extravaganza from 8 a.m.- 3 p.m. in the Ravens Lounge (located in the Student Union building). Costumed students will be able to compete for prizes and collect free candy compliments of SGA. Everyone is welcome so bring family and friends who love the spooky holiday! Especially the ones who love to dress up and love to say boo. Continue reading

Campus Life

World Smile Day @ RACC

By Amie Croteau

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.
~William Arthur Ward

The easiest gift to share is a smile, and lots of people were giving their best smiles last Friday. On October 7, RACC students and faculty joined together to celebrate World Smile Day.

In fantastic Ravens’ fashion, the day was packed with activities including a flash mob set to Pharell William’s “Happy.” Students replaced the usual routine of lectures and labs, tests and papers with laughter and smiles. The extra cheer made for a great day at RACC. Continue reading